Mime en Mi Mineur

Mime en Mi Mineur
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86150 Augsburg(DE)
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Both living in Germany, Francesco and Hugo got to know each other in December 2017 when they created the company “Mime en Mi Mineur”. Focused on combining live accordion with Mime, they are presenting around Europe their shows called “Mime de Rien” & “Universelle Ivrognerie”. They started to performed their 3rd show called "Dependencias - Les Enfers Artificiels" in South Korea on March 2019. Through Festivals, Theaters, Walking Acts, and private events, Mime en Mi Mineur are always telling stories with Circus, Mime, Theater and a touch of new Magic, with live music. Their goal is to transmit what they believe always with poesy and visual fantasy.
Don't hesitate to ask if you need Mime Pieces on special Themes, Mime en Mi Mineur creates also shows with small stories especially for your Events...


Pantomime mit Akkordeon


CALENDER (Public event only)
Théâtre La Croisée des Chemins - Paris, France
Abrabax Theater - Augsburg, Germany
Weihnachtsfeier in Voit-Arena - Heidenheim an der Brenz, Germany
Galli Theater - Munich, Germany
Weinacht Feiern AFF, Augsburg, Germany
Kulturtag Festival in Kresselsmühle, Augsburg, Germany
Mathildensaal - München, Germany
Schloss Nymphenburg - München, Germany
Herbs Fest in Ballon Fabrik - Augsburg, Germany
Isola del Giglio, Italy
Taubenschlag Festival - Augsburg, Germany
Pygmalion Theater - Wien, Austria
Neruda Kultur Cafe - Augsburg, Germany
Westchor Festival - Augsburg, Gemany
Cavallerizza Irreale - Turino, Italy
Painters Palace - Budapest, Hungary
Vad art Kiallitas - Budapest, Hungary
Inchon International Clown Festival - Inchon, South Korea
AFF in Abraxas - Augsburg, Germany
Kunstler Treffung - Gersthoffen, Germany
Neruda Kultur Cafe - Augsburg, Germany
Kulturhaus Kresslesmühle - Augsburg, Germany
Gran Hotel Cosmopolis - Augsburg, Germany
Tür an Tür Café - Augsburg, Germany
Neruda Kultur Cafe - Augsburg, Germany
Vad art Kiallitas - Budapest, Hungary
Szimpla - Budapest, Hungary
Golya - Budapest, Hungary
Pótluks - Budapest, Hungary
Painters Palace - Budapest, Hungary
Bohne Festival - Augsburg, Germany
Tilos Maraton Festival - Budapest, Hungary
Matilda - Valladolid, Spain
Gondomatik - Valladolid, Spain
Coco café - Valladolid, Spain
Café Teatro - Valladolid, Spain
Street intervention - Augsburg
Sun Festival - Hungary
Taubenschlag - Augsburg, Germany
Open Stage @Kulturstand - Augsburg, Germany
Brass'Art Digitaal Café - Bruxelles, Belgium
Coucool Festival - Paris, France
Neruda Kultur Café - Augsburg, Germany
STAC Festival - Augsburg, Germany
Agapë - Paris, France
Kulturtag - Augsburg, Germany
Kulturhaus Abraxas - Augsburg, Germany
Neruda Kultur Cafe - Augsburg, Germany
La Poissonnerie - Bruxelles, Belgium
Cabaret in Collectif AuQuai - Bruxelles, Belgium