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Yvonne Sanchez first performance was in Poland as a percussionist with the Polish rock star legend Joseph Skrzek. Later during her German stay, she started to play bass guitar and piano, but regardless her passion for musical instruments she never planned to become a vocalist until she moved to Prague in 1994 and whithin one year she had her premiere as a jazz vocalist at the reonouned Reduta jazz club in Prague.

Her passion for jazz standards starts 1998. She started a new project called “Brazilian Groove” interpreting songs based on Latin American rhytms such as Bossa Nova and Samba, especially written by her favorite Brazilian composer, Antonio Carlos Jobim.

Yvonne Sanchez co-produced and arranged her first album “Invitation” in 2001. The album was recorded with Robert Balzar Trio, one of the best and most well respected jazz musicians in Czech Republic. “Invitation” was a great success and was considered by critics and audiences as one of the best jazz records ever to be recorded in the Czech Republic. “Invitation” received a nomination for the 2002 Czech Grammy awards in the jazz and blues category.
In 2008 Yvonne recorded and produced her latest album “My Garden” (Warner Music) presenting herself for the first time as a songwriter. “My Garden was recorded with international musicians and is a fusion of jazz, latin and world music. “My Garden” received great reviews from critics and was nominated for the Andel award (equivelant of a Grammy) in the categories for the Best Album of the year and the Jazz Album of the year. Less than a year of the release, My Garden reached gold sales.

Yvonne’s latest work is a live album recording with Brazilian guitarist Pedro Taglini. The album was recorded in Prague in October 2011 and will be released through Supraphon records. Songs about love is a beautifully arranged album which include love songs such as “The look of Love”, “Cry me a river” and a couple of original compositions by Yvonne Sanchez.



Jazz Vocalist of the year
Andel nomination- "Invitation" Cube Metier
Andel nomination- "My Garden" Warner Music 2008
Album of the year nomination - "My Garden" Warner Music 2008

Pop, jazz, latin

Mitglieder der Band:
Yvonne Sanchez - Voice
Jonathan Ramirez - Acoustic Guitar/Backing Vocals
Lukáš Martinek - Electric Guitar
Santiago Ferreira - Guitar
Matěj Benko - Piano/Keyboards
Rast'o Uhrik - Bass Guitar
Pavel Zbrozil - Drums


Yvonne Sanchez has performed in Russia, Poland, Hungary, Slovakia, Turkey, Cyprus, France, Germany, Austria, Luxemburg, England, Portugal, Israel, Brazil, Cuba and the USA und für die Platen Firma Warner Music.