Sugar Hill
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Sugar Hill celebrates the legacy of Swing, the african amercian artform born in Harlem New York in the late 1920s.

Through stage performances, these talented dancers entertains the audience with sophisticated rhythms and sparkly costumes, sharing the joy, spirit and rhythms of jazz music and jazz dancing.

From the early twenties Charleston, theblues, the rhythm of tap, the energetic and acrobatic lindy hop, to the late 50s rhythm and blues and mambo, the acts filled with authentic syncopated dances and music is sharing the beauty of the Golden Era of Jazz.

From 1 act to a full 5 acts show, solos, ensembles or as many as 8 glamorous vintage chorus girls are ready to be booked.

We are also offering small introduction course in Swing and Charleston. A perfect activity for your guests to experience the dance!

We are happy to discuss collaboration with musicians and offers a few "singing & dancing" acts.


Vintage Chorus Line
Tap number
Lindy Hop
Charleston acts
Swing dance acts
Singing and swinging
Boogie dance
Exotic dance
Swing dance instructions
Charleston dance instructions


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