Mr. Shirazy & The Exile Orchestra

Mr. Shirazy & The Exile Orchestra
Band, Lounge
  • Soul
  • Elektro
  • Funk
  • Reggae
  • House
  • Lounge
  • Partyband
  • Tanz-/Hochzeitsband
  • Band - andere Kulturen
51103 Köln(DE)
> 1000 km
bei eventpeppers:
seit 6/2017


Put the funk of James Brown, electro beats of Daft Punk and the psychodelic sounds of Pink Floyd together; and you will have a glimpse of what is awaiting you at a live performance of Mr. Shirazy & The Exile Orchestra.

Mr. Shirazy´s futuristic selfmade instrument FREEAK and the heartfelt performance of his band The Exile Orchestra take you to another place in outta space! A place where a new form of art is created through innovation, original sounds and stunning visuals.

But the best thing is, that YOU are not just the audience, but an essential part of the party. Or with the words of Mr. Shirazy & The Exile Orchestra:

We are all drops in the ocean of unity...


Who cares to listen to the 1000th version of "I will survive"?
We give your event a fresh sound by putting the best from funk, electronic and dub music together.

At our performances you will always discover some unexpected samples and loops from hits; or some surprising interpretations of our favorite songs. But never a cover!

Your event is an original, so the music should be!


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