Barada Street
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Showkünstler, Clown
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10247 Berlin(DE)
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seit 2/2016

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Ein schlaksiger englischer Idiot und ein Muskelmann aus Kirgisien kreieren die Wunderwelt von Barada Street. Eine spannende Komödie vollgepackt mit Akrobatik, live Musik und charmanter Idiotie.
Dieses mehrfach mit dem "Preis des Publikums" ausgezeichnete internationale Duo verzaubert das Publikum und bring herzerwärmende Intimität auf die Bühne.

Richard, ein (bei Philippe Gaulier studierter) Schauspieler aus GB und Juri ein Akrobat aus Kirgisien haben sich auf einer Reise mit einem auf Fahrrädern durch Polen ziehenden Zirkus kennengelernt. Dabei haben sie Ihre erste Zirkusnummer entwickelt. Eine klassische Geschichte von einem halb nackten Muskelmann und einem dürren Helden der den Tag rettet.

2013 wurde Barada Street ins Leben gerufen. Während Sie auf Fahrrädern durch die Alpen zogen, entwickelten Sie durch Auftritte in Städten die Sie durchquerten ihre neue Show. Seitdem treten Sie erfolgreich auf Festivals in ganz Europa auf.


Barada Street's show hat eine gesamtdauer von 30 Minuten. Auf Wunsch auch 5, 10 oder 20 Minuten.

Technische Vorraussetzungen:
- Bühne von mindestens 5qm
- Flache und trockene Spielfläche
- min. 4m Deckenhöhe
- geeignet für jedes Alter
We use 4 x Wirless systems with unique personal frequency.


"prix du public" Veveys Artist du la Rue festival (2014)
"Publikumspreis" Lenzburger Gaukler Festival (2015)

The Ukulele Festival of Great Britain, England
The Winchester Hat Fair, England
Linz Pflasterspektakel, Österreich
Feldkirch Gauklerfestival, Österreich
Edinburgh Fringe Festival, Schottland
Lenzburger Gaukler Festival, Schweiz
Hildesheimer Pflasterzauber, Deutschland
Out There Festival - Great Yarmouth, England
Zürich Theater Spektakel, Schweiz
Artistes De Rue, Vevey, Schweiz

Review (2015)

Barada Street is a ukulele playing comedy duo who perform some deceptively difficult acrobatics whilst singing and involving the audience at every turn of the show. Each element is pretty impressive and Richard and Uri pull it and tie it all together with real charm and virtuosity.

Richard, a tall gangly Englishman, is a great clown with a real knack for not simply coaxing individuals into the show but also holding the entire audience in the palm of his hand. I was very impressed with how he dealt with two women who nearly started a fight over one making a detrimental comment about the other’s daughter. It was uncomfortable, especially as they began their own grab for spectator love and could quite easily have got out of hand, but Richard steered it all expertly back on track and miraculously the two women even stayed to the end of the show. What followed was a delightful invisible juggling ball act with a young lad who struggled to control his laughter. It was delightful and a brilliant tonic to the fracas preceded it.

The first song was a ukulele duet between Uri and Richard. I enjoyed the little solo lick, which saw Richard getting into ever more daredevil lifts to perform them. This was great and really set the scene for the rest of the show. These two can perform some really difficult tricks yet the tricks play second fiddle to the comedy, the music and audience manipulation. Others might place the tricks at the centre of what they do but here they are secondary, even thought they are definitely not stuff you can try at home. Mind you, they do pull out a couple of adults and involve them in some of the lifting – a wonderful touch. It’s pretty daring to lift people not used to be being lifted, which could go so very horribly wrong for all involved!

As a tall person, it was gratifying to see the tall chap being twisted into all sorts of shapes, lengthways, upside down, sitting, standing, and the smaller chap doing all the base work. Usually it’s the other way round, with the smaller people who do the flying.
Richard and Uri sing and play well, hitting heart-warming harmonies, even when one of them was held aloft and the wrong way up. It all served to
seduce their audience into their wonderfully playful innocent world so that when they began a rendition of Elvis’s classic “I can’t help falling in love with you,”
everyone started singing without prompting, a lovely
shared experience.

Richard and Uri perform well together, possessing the
qualities that only great acts possess – a trust in each
other, a tried and tested trust in the material and an ability
to put their audience first, which, on a Sunday afternoon
of a festival, is what it’s all about. Sweet, innocent,
harmonious, peace making (lets not forget the incident at
the top of the show that could have sunk a lesser performer),
deft and at turns dangerous, Barada Street are class act who
deserve the reputation they have earned.

Xavier Leret