AERIAL ART • Magical Air Theatre

AERIAL ART • Magical Air Theatre
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83646 Bad Tölz(DE)
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seit 9/2017


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Leidenschaft für Aerials, Liebe zum Detail und Qualität spiegeln sich in unseren Shows. Wir brainstormen gerne zusammen mit Ihnen für unvergessliche Zutaten, speziell für Ihre Veranstaltung und Event-Location. Denken Sie an eine: Solo Performance • Duo Performance • Gruppenchoreographie • Multi-disziplinäre Show.

☆ WOW-Effekt garantiert!
☆ Internationale Erfahrung im Bereich der Show-Kreation / Performance (Cirque du Soleil, Holiday on Ice).
☆ Sehr gute und überzeugende Bewertungen (check „Referenzen“).


Solo-Performance • Duo-Performance • Gruppenchoreographie • Live-Musik • Multi-disziplinäre-Show.



Cirque du Soleil • Holiday On Ice • Excalibur - The Celtic Rock Opera • U.a.

FIRMEN, u.a.:

True Art ☆☆☆☆☆

„For a large KLM crew event which the department Inflight Retail & Media organizes annually and which is fully sponsored by KLM's food & beverage suppliers and inflight sales suppliers, we were looking for a spectacular opening act. The theme of the event was ‘The Parade' and the atmosphere that we wanted to set was a surreal dream world. From the very first meeting Simone Heitinga was a team player, creative and very helpful in the customization of the opening act. Together with her artists she gave a breathtakingly beautiful show which was accompanied by wonderful live music and singing. I see Simone and AERIAL ART as ground-breaking in re-defining acrobatic art, making it far off the beaten path and something truly unique.”

John Linssen, Manager Retail & Medien KLM

Qualität auf höchstem Niveau ☆☆☆☆☆

"Dear Simone, Dear Axel, How are you, have things settled down after the great performance last week? I must say that I’m still very thrilled with the outcome of the event. Everything went like clockwork and the feedback from the guests has been very good. Some claimed this was the best gala dinner ever in the 48 years of history for this meeting. That’s quite a compliment, don’t you think? The ‘WONDERLAND’ performance has absolutely contributed to the success of the evening and I would like to thank you again. The whole approach of your company has been very professional, creative and of top-level quality. The details as worked out in the act and your costumes were fabulous, lieutenant Willem van Ruytenburg stepped out of the Nachtwacht and mingled with our guests J, as did Jan Asselijn’s Swan. You have met the high standards of my client and of the venue, which is a great achievement. I know that you have put a lot of efforts in preparing the show and the logistics. This has paid off and I will gladly recommend your company to future clients.”

Marischka Konings, MK Productions

Professioneller Perfektionismus! ☆☆☆☆☆

„For the 2nd time, we worked with Aerial Art on both an internal and external product launch of South African wine Chardonnay Pinot Noir from Boschendal. Both times it was a huge success! The Aerial Art team is professional, and ponders and adapts to the context of the product and the event. They adapt to the wishes of the client and the location. During the business event all the details were arranged and discussed, and the team was also flexible with regard to adjustments in the timetable. Expert and also friendly people with whom we worked very well. In short, as far as we are concerned we’ll definitely keep on working together, as there are many possibilities for customized shows.”

Jeanette Burger, Brand Manager L'Exception

Ein wahrhaftiges Kunsterlebnis ☆☆☆☆☆

“AERIAL ART - Magical Air Theatre; The name says it all...... the performances made by these artists are breathtaking, exciting and unbelievably stunning. As a viewer, you are taken into the magical world of Simone Heitinga, who together with her partner transformed the 'dance in the silks' into a true art experience. Through the use of visual (light) effects and corresponding beautiful musical sounds you are taken to another world. The professional approach is reflected in the smallest details and nothing is left to chance. It is therefore a privilege to be able to attend an AERIAL ART presentation, because you can’t do anything else but ENJOY!”

Andrew Hakse, General Manager Chasse Tanzstudios

Ein absolutes Muss! ☆☆☆☆☆

„Sometimes you encounter someone with an idea, a concept full of class, a real surprise. Resulting in a collaboration that fits perfectly with what we wanted to promote as a company. Simone and her people produced a show of the ultimate high level, of which all details were thought out. They employed and delivered the maximum effort. In addition, the mutual communication went flawlessly. A pleasure to work with, an absolute must!”

Richard van Hemert, Brand Manager L'Exception


Welche technischen Voraussetzungen werden benötigt?

Für einen Solo Showact in der Luft benötigen wir:

Einen Hängepunkt mit 1000 kg Traglast, 4 bis 12 Meter Höhe, unter dem Tuch eine freie Fläche von 3 x 3 Meter, einen professionellen Rigger (nach Absprache; vielleicht eine elektrische Winde / Kettenzug), Licht & Ton inkl. Techniker.
Für die Technische Liste aller übrigen Shows (von Duo Showact bis hin zur multidisziplinären Show), kontaktieren Sie uns bitte.

Meine Location hat keine Hängepunkte, kann ich Ihre Show trotzdem buchen?

Ja. Sollte Ihre Location keinen passenden Hängepunkt haben, können wir vielleicht einen Hängepunkt konstruieren, ein freistehendes Rigg mitbringen oder z.B. auch mit einem mobilen Kran arbeiten. Sollten alle Möglichkeiten für einen Hängepunkt ausgeschlossen sein, bieten wir Ihnen auch gerne eine hochklassige Show ohne Luftakrobatik an.

Was kostet eine Show?

Unsere Preise beginnen bei € 1.200 Euro (Solo Showact).

Unser Spektrum reicht von Soloshows bis hin zur multidisziplinären Show mit vielen Künstlern. Wollen Sie einen einmaligen Auftritt oder eine Serie von Shows buchen? Jede Anfrage ist unterschiedlich und jede Location bietet andere Voraussetzungen. Daher brauchen wir einige Informationen um Ihnen ein unverbindliches Angebot schicken zu können. Bitte, kontaktieren Sie uns.

Wie lange dauern Eure Shows?

In Allgemeinen bieten wir Shows von 5 bis 30 Minuten.

Könnt Ihr auch eine Show liefern INKLUSIVE aller Technik?

Ja, das ist möglich. Bei Bedarf kümmern wir uns gerne um ein “Komplett-Packet“, inkl. Licht & Ton, Rigging, Bühne und Spezialeffekte.